Monthly allowance

You will be given a monthly allowance in recognition of your contributions. Those in higher ranks are given higher allowance to recognise their skills and heavier responsibilities. As a Police full-time National Serviceman, you will be given a monthly allowance based on your rank and vocation. In addition, after you have graduated from your basic training in the Home Team Academy, you will be given a meal allowance during your duty hours.

Monthly allowance

Rank Monthly allowance

Trainee Special Constabulary Constable or Trainee Vigilante Corps


Special Constabulary Constable or Vigilante Corps


Special Constabulary Constable 2 or Vigilante Corps 2


Special Constabulary Corporal or Vigilante Corps Corporal


Special Constabulary Sergeant 1


Special Constabulary Sergeant 2


Officer Cadet


National Service Probationary Inspector


National Service Inspector


Vocation allowance

Operation vocations Allowance
  • Trainee Special Constables (TSC)
  • Company Commander
  • Training Development Officer
  • Assistant Compliance Manager
  • Assistant Manpower Officer
  • Operations Officer
  • Staff Officer to Head Ops
  • Assistant Trainer
  • Staff Assistant
  • S&T Staff Assistant
  • Bandsmen


  • Officer Cadet Trainees
  • Division Security Officer
  • Assistant Ops Officer
  • Dog Handler
  • Person-in-Custody Officer
  • Ops Support Officer
  • C3 Operation
  • Community Engagement Officer
  • Assistant Navigation Officer
  • TransCom Deputy Team Leader
  • ProCom DOC Trooper
  • Checkpoint Security Officer
  • Ground Response Force Officer
  • Police Coast Guard Officer
  • TransCom Officer
  • ProCom Officer
  • Division Special Taskforce Officer


  • Police Tactical Trooper (NSI)
  • Police Tactical Trooper

Meal allowance

You will be entitled to meal allowance after you have graduated from Home Team Academy. The rates are as follows:

  • $100 for non-shift work
  • $142 for shift work

You are eligible for additional meal allowance if you clock overtime. Your meal allowance will also be pro-rated based on the number of absences from work (excluding vacation leave).

Full-time National Servicemen (NSF) remunerative activities

To ensure the operational readiness of the Singapore Police Force, NSFs must be committed to discharging their NS responsibilities. You are not allowed to undertake external activities that involve remuneration.

You are strongly encouraged to approach your unit commanders to apply for financial assistance and explore various avenues of help if you face financial hardship.