Basic Military Training

Basic Military Training (BMT) is an initiation to the army and rite of passage every full-time National Serviceman (NSF) must go through. However, the type and duration you will be required to go through will depend on your Physical Employment Standard (PES) and Pre-Enlistee Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) results. You can refer to our page on Enlistment Notice for more details.

In general, combat-fit NSFs (PES A or B1) can expect to undergo the following training and activities during BMT:

  • Weapon handling and presentation
  • IPPT training
  • Strength training
  • Standard obstacle course
  • Battle inoculation course
  • Swimming
  • Route marches
  • Basic trainfire course
  • Individual field craft
  • Field camp
  • Urban operations
  • Grenade throwing
  • National Education

The actual training curriculum will differ for NSFs in other PES depending on their physical abilities and training needs. Regardless of which type of BMT you will be going through, training safety is continually emphasised in the Singapore Armed Forces. All possible safety control measures are taken to ensure that you are safeguarded against injuries during training.

Beyond soldiering skills, BMT is also a period for new recruits to be inducted to the military way of life and culture, so that you can learn and adjust to the requirements of working and living within a disciplined organisation. Your military performance will be assessed for deployment to a suitable vocational training after BMT. Learn more about the BMT journey and training after BMT.