Insurance, compensation and service injury

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) provides a comprehensive range of schemes for its servicemen in the unfortunate event of service injuries or accidents.

MHA Group Insurance


As a full-time National Serviceman, you will receive $300,000 Group Term Life and $300,000 Group Personal Injury insurance coverage, with the insurance premiums paid for by MHA.

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Service injury

What is a service injury

Service injury is defined as injury which is received in and is attributable to National Service (NS) duties, training or activities, including injury under the following circumstances:

  1. Whilst on a journey necessary to enable an NSF to report for NS duties, training or activities or return home after the performance or participation of such duties, training or activities;
  2. In consequence of some act lawfully performed in the discharge of NS duties.

Ward eligibility

If you sustain an injury while in service and is determined that the injury is due to service, the SCDF will bear the full cost of medical treatment at any restructured hospital up to your eligible ward. The ward eligibility will be dependent on the time of admission as follows:

RankWard eligibility for service injury

Recruit to Sergeant

Class B2

Officer Cadet to Lieutenant

Class B1

You may be eligible for lump sum compensation if you are assessed to be suffering from any permanent disability resulting from your service injury.

We will continue to cover the medical costs incurred for the treatment of your service injury even after your Operationally Ready Date.