Where to seek help

In the course of your full-time National Service (NS), you may need assistance with psychological issues, financial issues, or complaints and grievances. The following information shows you where you can turn to for help.


You may face difficulty transitioning from civilian life to a highly disciplined environment in a uniformed organisation. Not to worry, help is available through the following means:

Interview sessions

You can highlight your difficulties and ask for assistance during these informal and friendly counselling and interview sessions:

  • Routine interviews with your Platoon Commander (PC) or supervisor
  • Interviews on request
  • Dialogues with Orientation Officer or paracounsellors who are monitoring your morale and welfare while you undergo Basic Rescue Training. You can identify paracounsellors through their identification badges on their uniforms.

Counselling hotline

You can call the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) 24-hour counselling hotline at 1800-286-6666 to speak to a psychologist or counsellor from the Emergency Behavioural and CARE Unit. You may be invited to attend a face-to-face counselling session for a more effective intervention. All information shared during counselling will be treated as confidential. 

Financial assistance

Financial assistance is available if your family suffers from financial hardship when you enlist into the SCDF. You can apply for the SCDF’s financial assistance by submitting your application together with the necessary supporting documents through your PC or supervisors to the Manpower Department. 

Resolve complaints or grievances

As a disciplined organisation, the SCDF requires that you resolve any complaints or grievances suffered during the course of your NS either through your PC or the Company Commander (OC). These are the subsequent steps:

  • The PC or OC will address the issue.
  • The HQ Manpower Department will launch an investigation where appropriate.
  • If the issue is unable to be resolved at their level, the PC or OC will seek advice from higher management.

The SCDF Provost Unit also monitors and investigates any breach of Regulations or Standing Orders. Where the complaints are proven valid, the SCDF will take necessary action against the offenders.