Where to seek help

In the course of full-time National Service (NS), there are three general issues servicemen typically encounter that may warrant assistance. These are generally psychological issues, financial issues, or complaints and grievances. The below information outlines broadly where your son may turn to for assistance should he or your family encounter these problems.


If your son encounters any psychological issues at any time during his NS, he can call the counselling helplines below for professional help and advice.

Uniformed ServiceCounselling helpline

Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

1800-278-0022 (24 hours)

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

1800-286-6666 (24 hours)

Singapore Police Force (SPF)

1800-255-1151 (Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 6.30pm, excluding Public Holidays)

If you spot signs that your son is not coping well, you can call any of the above helplines and speak to the counsellors for advice. Avoid contacting your son’s officer directly as he may not be the best person to help.

Financial assistance

Each of the uniformed Service has financial assistance available to relieve your son and your family of financial difficulties when your son is enlisted into full-time NS. Here is how your son can apply:

Uniformed ServiceHow your son can apply


  • Through his Unit Manpower Officer (S1) or speak to his officer during the interview session
  • Contact MINDEF Shared Services – Personnel Services Centre at 6373-1140 or 6373-1155


  • Submit his application together with the necessary supporting documents through his Platoon Commander to the Manpower Department


  • Through his Course Manager if your son is a trainee at the Home Team Academy
  • Through his Divisional PNSF Personnel Officer if your son is a Police full-time National Serviceman in a Land Division or Staff Department

Resolve complaints or grievances

Take note that as disciplined organisations, the SAF, SCDF and SPF require that your son should resolve any complaints or grievances suffered during the course of his NS within his organisation. Here is how he can do so:

  • Through his immediate superior if the complaint is about a colleague
  • Through the next higher authority in the chain of command if the complaint is about his immediate superior

If your son is still unable to resolve his complaint or grievance, he may then bring the matter to the attention of the following channels or personnel:

Uniformed ServiceChannel or personnel