Forms and documents

Forms and documents

Here are forms and documents relating to your son’s pre-enlistment journey. Please note that endorsing the Medical Screening Questionnaire is compulsory for your son to attend his medical screening appointment.

Medical Screening Questionnaire

As part of your son’s medical screening procedure, he will need to complete the Medical Screening Questionnaire online. This is part of the medical screening process your son goes through and it is one of our requirements to determine your son’s medical fitness for National Service (NS). You will need to acknowledge the completed questionnaire online via OneNS with your Singpass. Your son will be asked to provide us with your contact details, and an SMS and/or email notification will be sent to you when he completes his part of the Medical Screening Questionnaire.

Your son may also opt to get your acknowledgement on a hardcopy Medical Screening Questionnaire after he submits it online. You can log in to OneNS to print and acknowledge his completed questionnaire for him to bring along on the day of his medical screening appointment. Your son will also be able to print a copy for you. An SMS and/or email notification will be sent to you.

You will need to complete the acknowledgement before his medical screening appointment. Otherwise, he may not be able to complete his medical check-up.

If your son is unable to complete the Medical Screening Questionnaire online, he will need to submit a hardcopy on the day of his medical screening appointment. You may download a copy of the Medical Screening Questionnaire below.

Medical Screening Questionnaire (PDF 152KB)

Request for Physical Employment Standard (PES) grading details

If you would like to request for more details on your son’s PES, please complete the form below and mail the document to:

Medical Classification Centre
3 Depot Road
Singapore 109680

Please note that your son must also give his consent to release his medical information in the form.

Consent for release of PES grading details (PDF 12KB)

Voluntary Early Enlistment Scheme (VEES) application form

If your son wishes to be enlisted before turning 18, he may do so under the VEES. You will have to give your consent for this request.

  1. Download a copy of the VEES application form.

VEES application form (PDF 117KB)

2. Email the completed form to us at