Pre-enlistment process

Understand the pre-enlistment process so that you will know what to do and expect at every stage. This will help you to save time and effort during each step of the way.

Pre-enlistment Milestones



  • The pre-enlistment milestones depicted are typical milestones for a pre-enlistee. Your individual milestones may vary depending on your deferment for studies.

Scroll down to view the complete pre-enlistment process from age 13 to enlistment day.

Exit Permit and bond

Understand Exit Permit requirements after 13 years of age for National Service (NS)-liable male Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents.

Registration and documentation

The registration process after you have received your letter for NS registration.

Deferment for studies

Information on deferment for studies, when and how to apply.

Pre-Enlistee IPPT and Body Mass Index

When and where to take the Pre-Enlistee Individual Physical Proficiency Test. How the scoring works and the implications of your scores.

Posting to uniformed Services

Find out about posting to uniformed Services and vocational assessment for Commandos and Naval Divers.

Enlistment Notice

When you will receive the Enlistment Notice, where you can be posted to and the different types of basic training.

Enlistment day

What happens on enlistment day and what you should prepare.