Medical screening and psychometric test

During your online pre-enlistment documentation, you will be prompted to book a medical screening appointment. The medical screening will determine your medical fitness for NS, which impacts the type of basic training and vocation you can be assigned to. A psychometric test will also be conducted on the same day. You can book your first medical screening during the National Service registration online exercise. If needed, you may log in to OneNS to change your appointment date at least three days in advance.

What to bring for medical screening

What you should bring and take note of for your medical screening appointment.

Medical screening stations

The stations you will go through for your medical screening.

Physical Employment Standard (PES)

PES grades and what they mean.

Psychometric test

What the psychometric test is for, duration and sample questions.

Medical review

What you will need to know if you are required to undergo further medical reviews after the initial medical screening process.