Psychometric test

Psychometric test

You will be required to sit for a computer-based psychometric test on the same day you attend your medical screening. This test is conducted at the Vocational Assessment Centre (VAC) in CMPB and usually takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Please be punctual for your medical screening appointment. Otherwise, you may be asked to report for your psychometric test on another day.

The psychometric test scores are used to place servicemen in vocations or appointments where their abilities can be best used to maximise our limited manpower. Your test scores will be used as one of the factors in decisions subsequently, including assignment to a vocation and selection for leadership courses. You should put in as much effort as possible to do the tests well and accurately.

What the tests are like

The psychometric test is designed to measure aptitude in a range of domains such as reasoning, technical and mental-spatial abilities. It is delivered on a computerised adaptive testing system, which means that the test adapts to your ability level. The computer software selects questions that are suitable for you based on your responses to earlier questions. You will not be able to review or change your answers once you have submitted an answer to a question.

You can download the file if you want to attempt some of our sample test questions.

  • DON'T worry too much.
    All we require is that you do your best. Each test has instructions to guide you on what to do.
  • DO ask for help.
    If you have problems understanding any of the tests or the instructions during testing, there will be staff on-site to help you.
  • DO rest well the night before.
    Come for the test with a fresh mind.