Registration and documentation

Under the Enlistment Act (Chapter 93), all male citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents will be liable for National Service (NS) registration upon reaching the age of 16.5 years old. You will receive a Notice for NS Registration letter after reaching this age in due course.

NS Registration Notice

Upon receiving the NS Registration Notice, it is important for you to follow the instructions on it and register for NS as per the instructions within the letter at the earliest possible time.

Not complying with any NS Notices or Reporting Orders is an offence under the Enlistment Act. Offenders shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both.

You are required to apply for deferment from NS during the registration process if you are still studying full-time.


You will have to complete the pre-enlistment documentation online during NS registration if you:

  • Are no longer studying full-time
  • Have completed your course
  • Are not eligible for deferment

You will need the following to complete the pre-enlistment documentation:

  • Singpass (Please refer to our FAQ on NS registration if you do not have a Singpass or have forgotten or misplaced your Singpass.)
  • Personal particulars
  • Family particulars (e.g. name, NRIC number, country of birth, citizenship, date of birth, home address, occupation, company name)
  • Education details
  • Bank account details
  • Medical Screening Questionnaire (submitted online and acknowledged by your parent or guardian)

The last step for NS registration requires you to book an appointment for pre-enlistment medical screening.

You may receive a reminder letter to register for NS even after you have completed your registration. Please double-check your NS registration status online. If it has been completed, please ignore the reminder letter.