Emergency contacts

In the event of emergencies, you can use these contact numbers to reach your son during his basic training.

Singapore Armed Forces

The telephone numbers of your son’s unit is indicated in the Enlistment Notice. He should keep you informed of his unit’s contact number during his Basic Military Training. If you need to contact your son during an emergency, you can call his unit and leave a message:

  • During normal office hours: Manpower Officer (MPO), S1 or Orientation Officer
  • After office hours: Duty Officer Operation Room or Company Orderly Sergeant office

If you do not have your son's unit contact details, you may also wish to contact us at 1800-367-6767 (calling from overseas: +65 6567-6767) for assistance.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

On your son’s enlistment, he will know his company name and platoon number for his Basic Rescue Training. Your son is to pass this information to you so that you can reach him at the National Service Training Institute.

TimeDepartmentContact numbers

During office hours (8am to 5.30pm)

A (Alpha) Company

  • 6794-5750
  • 6794-5751

B (Bravo) Company

  • 6794-5752
  • 6794-5753

C (Charlie) Company

  • 6794-5754
  • 6794-5755

D (Delta) Company

  • 6794-5305
  • 6794-5306

After office hours or weekends

Duty Officer’s Office

  • 6794-5723
  • 6794-5724

Here are some other important contact numbers:

DepartmentContact numbers

National Service Personnel Department, HQ SCDF

  • 6848-3461
  • 6848-3462



Singapore Police Force

Leave a message with the Duty Officer at the Home Team Academy at 9118-9443.