Monthly allowance

You will be given a monthly allowance in recognition of your contributions. Those in higher ranks are given higher allowance to recognise their skills and heavier responsibilities. As a Police full-time National Serviceman, you will be given a monthly allowance based on your rank and vocation. In addition, after you have graduated from your basic training in the Home Team Academy, you will be given a meal allowance during your duty hours.

Monthly allowance

Rank Monthly allowance



Special Constable 1 or Vigilante Corps 1


Special Constable 2 or Vigilante Corps 2






Officer Cadet


Probationary Inspector




Vocation allowance

Operation vocations Allowance
  • Assistant Operations Officers
  • CCTV Operator
  • Division Security Officer
  • Dog Handler
  • Events Security Team Leader
  • Guard Commander
  • Medic
  • Operations Support Officer
  • Station Security Officer


  • Airport Patrol Officer
  • Assistant Navigation Officer
  • Neighbourhood Police Centre Officer
  • Persons-In-Custody Officer
  • Police Coast Guard Officer
  • Police Tactical Trooper
  • Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) Officer
  • TransCom Deputy Team Leader


Meal allowance

You will be entitled to meal allowance after you have graduated from Home Team Academy. The rates are as follows:

  • $100 for non-shift work
  • $142 for shift work less than 12 hours

You are eligible for additional meal allowance if you clock overtime. Your meal allowance will also be pro-rated based on the number of absences from work (excluding vacation leave).