• How many medical reviews would I need to attend?

    A majority of you will only need to attend one medical review to obtain a Physical Employment Standard (PES) which is required to determine the type of basic training you would attend. However, some medical conditions will require a specialist’s input and you will be referred to a restructured hospital for further tests or consultations. As such, the number of medical reviews will be dependent on the nature and complexity of your medical condition(s).

  • When will I know my Physical Employment Standard (PES) after the medical screening?

    You will be able to check your definitive PES through eHealth on NS Portal in a month’s time if you are not required to attend any further medical reviews. If you are referred for further medical reviews, your PES can only be finalised upon completion of your medical assessment. This depends on the complexity of your medical conditions and the wait time for appointment at restructured hospitals.

  • What does my PES mean?

    Please refer to our page on PES for a full explanation of each PES.

  • I have been assigned a temporary PES for three or six months. How will this affect me?

    You will be reviewed by the unit Medical Officer (MO) when your temporary PES expires after you have enlisted. The unit MO will follow up on your outstanding medical issue and assign you a definitive PES after your medical assessment has been completed.

  • I have been assigned a definitive PES for enlistment. What should I do if I would like a review of my PES?

    Please obtain an updated medical document in support of your appeal for a PES review and submit it to contact@ns.sg. Our Medical Officer will review the case upon receipt of the medical document. Should there be any change in your PES, we will inform you of your new enlistment date accordingly. You may view your PES through eHealth on NS Portal in one to two months’ time.

  • I am graded PES BP. What should I do if I have lost a significant amount of weight before my enlistment?

    You can report to the Medical Classification Centre for a medical review from Monday to Friday, 2pm to 4pm.

  • How does my PES influence my type of basic training?

    Your PES is one of the considerations to determine the type of basic training you will undergo.

  • What if I have medical conditions before the medical screening?

    Your medical history is important to the screening process. Prior to the medical screening appointment, you will be asked to declare pre-existing medical conditions in the Medical Screening Questionnaire. It is important that your parent or guardian endorse your Medical Screening Questionnaire before you report for your medical screening. Without doing so, your enlistment may be delayed.

    You can download your Medical Screening Questionnaire online during your pre-enlistment documentation. Please bring the hardcopy Medical Screening Questionnaire with you to the medical screening together with relevant supporting documents (if any). Our Medical Officers will review it and take it into consideration when determining your PES.

  • I am graded PES D and/or require further medical reviews. What happens now?

    Please read our page on medical review which explains the steps and processes in detail.

  • I am living overseas and unable to attend the scheduled medical reviews. What do I do?

    You may choose to do the required test overseas and send a copy of your medical report to the Medical Classification Centre for our Medical Officer to review. You should bring along the referral letter given to you to show the overseas doctor so that the doctor will have more information on your medical condition. Please note that you will have to incur the cost for overseas medical review as MINDEF does not cover such expenses.

  • What if I developed new medical conditions or have changes to my existing medical conditions after the medical screening and before my enlistment?

    You have to send in your relevant doctor or specialist memo to Medical Classification Centre (MCC) through email. Should there be a need for further review by the Medical Officer, MCC will inform you accordingly. Based on the changes in your medical conditions, your enlistment date may be rescheduled.

  • Will my enlistment be affected if I went for LASIK or Refractive Surgery before my enlistment date?

    It may lead to a delay in your enlistment as our Medical Officer will need to ensure that you have recovered sufficiently prior to enlistment.

  • How do I register for a Singpass 2-Step Verification (2FA) so that I can access the eServices on NS Portal?

    You may register for a Singpass 2FA at the Singpass website. If you reside in Singapore, you can refer to this page for more information. If you are currently living overseas, please refer to this page for more information on registering for your Singpass 2FA and obtaining a OneKey Token. Please allocate enough time to set up your 2FA and/or OneKey Token as it may take between five and ten working days, depending on whether you reside in Singapore or overseas.

  • Can I walk in to CMPB for NS registration during the registration period?

    We recommend you register online. You may have to queue for up to 90 minutes if you decide to walk in to CMPB for registration.

  • I am unable to complete my NS registration before the deadline, can I request for an extension?

    No, we are unable to extend the deadline. We recommend you to complete your NS registration before the deadline. You may contact us for further assistance.

  • I am currently repeating my first year of Junior College (JC) and have received an NS registration letter. Do I still need to attend medical screening first before applying for deferment?

    The Physical Employment Standard (PES) is required for us to determine your medical fitness for NS after your studies. You should attend the medical screening even though you are currently repeating JC 1. The PES will still be valid for your enlistment after you have completed your JC studies.

  • When will I know my enlistment date?

    You will receive an Enlistment Notice about two months before your enlistment date. This notice will inform you of your enlistment date, reporting unit and address as well as the things to bring on the first day.

  • Can I change my enlistment date?

    We do not allow pre-enlistees to choose their enlistment date. However, if you need to defer your enlistment after receiving your Enlistment Notice, please submit your request to us and we will review it on a case-by-case basis. If we approve your request to change your enlistment date, we will enlist you as soon as possible in the next available intake.

  • Can I change the uniformed Service or unit of my enlistment?

    We do not allow pre-enlistees to choose their uniformed Service or unit of their enlistment. The assignment is based on numerous considerations such as the operational and manpower requirements of each uniformed Service, your psychometric test results and medical fitness.

  • Can I go overseas before my enlistment date is due?

    Yes, you may travel overseas but you will have to return to Singapore before your enlistment date.

    Please note that you will be required to apply for an Exit Permit if you are travelling overseas for more than three months. Please refer to our page on Exit Permit.

  • Can I defer enlistment if I have to repeat my studies?

    If you failed your GCE 'O' or 'N' Level studies, you can be considered for further deferment to repeat your studies on a full-time basis.

    If you failed your General Paper (GP) or Knowledge & Inquiry (KI) or obtained less than three H2 passes (excluding KI) in one sitting of the GCE ‘A’ Level examination, you can be considered for further deferment to repeat your GCE ‘A’ Level studies on a full-time basis. If you failed to attain the International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification, you can also be considered for further deferment to repeat your IB studies on a full-time basis.

    If you are repeating your diploma course at the polytechnics, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts, or Institute of Technical Education (ITE), you can be considered for further deferment of up to two years to repeat your studies on a full-time basis.

    If you failed your National ITE Certificate (Nitec) or Higher Nitec studies at ITE, you can be considered for further deferment to repeat your studies on a full-time basis.

    You may enquire with us on your eligibility for further deferment if you are repeating other courses.

  • What happens if I change my course of study or school?

    If you are studying during a deferment period but wish to pursue or switch to a new course or institution, you must seek prior approval from us. Please provide us with the details of the course of study or institution which you are intending to switch to. Without obtaining approval prior to your course commencement, you may face disruption in your course. You may apply to change your course of study or school through the NS Portal.

  • What if there is a change in the departure date, place of study, course or institution that I am studying at after my Exit Permit and/or bond is approved?

    Depending on your age and whether you are required to furnish a bond, you will need to do the following:

    You can also view the table here.

    Age Duration overseas Exit Permit or bond granted What you need to do

    13 to 16.5 years old

    Three months or longer but less than two years

    Exit Permit granted

    You may apply for a new Exit Permit through the NS portal.

    Two years or longer

    Exit Permit and bond granted

    You will be required to approach us with relevant supporting documents for a new Exit Permit.

    You may need to provide a new bond if the new period is not covered by the existing bond.

    Above 16.5 years old to enlistment

    Three months or longer

    Exit Permit and bond granted

    You will be required to approach us with relevant supporting documents. We will re-assess your eligibility for deferment. If you are eligible, we will issue you with a new Exit Permit.

    Depending on the period, you may be asked to provide a new bond if the new period is not covered by the existing bond. Only then will the Exit Permit be issued to you.

    If you are not eligible for deferment, you will be required to disrupt your studies and return to Singapore for NS.

  • Can I book a medical screening appointment date that is nearer to my course completion date?

    No. Your medical screening appointment is scheduled earlier so that your enlistment will not be delayed. For some cases, the medical assessment can take up to six to nine months depending on the complexity of the pre-existing medical conditions.

  • What do I do if I do not have a Singpass?

    You may register for a Singpass at the Singpass website. If you have forgotten or misplaced your Singpass, you may reset your Singpass at the Singpass website. Please note that it takes about four working days for the Singpass to be mailed to local addresses and ten working days for overseas addresses.

  • What will happen if I am issued a Quarantine Order/Stay-Home Notice that covers my enlistment date/reporting date?

    Please contact your Commander/Course Manager for assistance. You may be granted a Leave of Absence from training.

  • What will happen if I am unwell/infected with COVID-19? What will happen to my reporting date?

    Should you be unwell/diagnosed with COVID-19, your reporting date will be rescheduled to allow you sufficient time to recover. Please inform your Commander/Course Manager and do not report on your reporting day.

  • How will I be informed if CMPB reschedules my appointment?

    You will receive an SMS or email notification from us if your appointment has been rescheduled.

    If you did not receive a notification, please proceed with your appointment. When commuting for your appointment, please adhere to the national guidelines. Wear a mask at all times and keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre from others, even in open spaces. Stay safe.

  • What should I do if my appointment has been rescheduled?

    You would have received a notification stating that your appointment has been rescheduled. You can log on to the NS Portal for more details on your new appointment. Should you wish to change your new appointment date, you can do so via the NS Portal.

  • What measures are there to ensure the safety of pre-enlistees reporting to CMPB?

    CMPB has and will continue to ensure safe distancing measures and frequent cleaning and disinfection of our premises, for both the safety of our visitors and staff. Hand sanitisers are also available at frequent touch-point areas. All visitors and staff are required to don a mask. In addition, all staff are required to monitor their temperature twice a day.