Taking leave

As a Police full-time National Serviceman (PNSF), you are entitled to different types of leave.

Vacation leave

You are entitled to 14 days of vacation leave per calendar year. Leave for service of less than a calendar year will be pro-rated according to the length of service. Any unconsumed leave will be forfeited at the end of the calendar year.

If you are on vacation leave in Singapore, you may be recalled to resume duties before the expiry of your leave if your service is urgently required.

Going overseas

You are permitted to go overseas during your vacation leave. However, before you leave, you must:

  1. Indicate in your leave form that you are leaving the country and include overseas contact information.
  2. Obtain approval from your supervisors if you are on recorded off-days (including weekends) or off-duty periods, and provide overseas contact details.
  3. Apply for an Exit Permit (including those on National Service disruption) if you are going overseas for three months or more.

Medical leave

You may be granted medical leave if you have been issued a recognised Medical Certificate (MC) by a government doctor, unit Medical Officer, Dental Officer, or private practitioner registered with the Singapore Medical Council or Singapore Dental Council. MCs issued by Chinese physicians and spiritual healers will not be accepted.

To qualify for medical leave, you must:

  • Have an MC
  • Inform your Course Manager (CM) and send him your MC on the same day of issue, or submit it immediately upon reporting at the Home Team Academy

The recommendation of the Medical Board must be sought if the period of medical leave exceeds four continuous weeks at any one time. The total medical leave taken shall not exceed the maximum period of absence leave allowed for the course. Otherwise, you may be required to repeat the course.

Compassionate leave

You may be granted compassionate leave of up to three working days by your Commander or Director if you need to be absent from duty due to any of the following circumstances:

  • Dangerous or terminal illness of family members
  • Imminent death of family members
  • Death of spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, siblings or grandparents
  • Serious domestic problems where your presence is essential to avoid domestic hardship

If three days are insufficient for the same episode, you may take your vacation leave. If you have insufficient vacation leave, you may be granted an additional four working days of compassionate leave by your Commander or Director.