Monthly allowance

You will be given a rank allowance in recognition of your contributions. Those in higher ranks are given a higher allowance in recognition of their skills and heavier responsibilities. You will also be given vocation allowance in recognition of the different vocational demands placed on you. Your total NS allowance comprise both the rank allowance and vocation allowance. (Note: Since 1 Mar 2020, combat allowance has been replaced by vocation allowance.)

Monthly rank allowance

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Enlistees Specialists Officers
Rank Starting rank allowance Rank Starting rank allowance Rank Starting rank allowance

Recruit or Private


Specialist Cadet


Officer Cadet


Lance Corporal


Third Sergeant


Second Lieutenant




Second Sergeant




Corporal First Class


First Sergeant




Monthly vocation allowance

S/N Vocations Monthly vocation allowance


Service and Technical vocations



All combatants except those under S/N 3 and 4



  • Aircrew
  • Armour, Guards, Infantry
  • Combat Medics, Specialists or Officers in the Medical Response Force or deployed on the Singapore Civil Defence Force ambulances
  • Seagoing


  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological Defence or Explosive Ordinance Disposal
  • Commando
  • Naval Diver

The rank and vocation allowances will be credited directly into your bank account. If you have not provided your bank account details to MINDEF or have recently changed your bank account, you need to update your bank account details via the eSelf-Update eService.