Contacts for your family

Contacts for your family

During your Basic Rescue Training, you will be required to stay in camp. For the first weekend, there will be no book-out. The first book-out will be on the following Friday.

You will know your company name and platoon number once you are enlisted. You should keep your family informed of this information so they can reach you in any emergency. The relevant contact numbers are:

Time Department Contact numbers

During office hours
(8am to 5.30pm)

A (Alpha) Company

  • 6794-5750
  • 6794-5751

B (Bravo) Company

  • 6794-5752
  • 6794-5753

C (Charlie) Company

  • 6794-5754
  • 6794-5755

D (Delta) Company

  • 6794-5305
  • 6794-5306

After office hours or weekends

Duty Officer’s Office

  • 6794-5723
  • 6794-5724

Here are some other important contact numbers:

Department Contact numbers

National Service Personnel Department, HQ Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

  • 6848-3461
  • 6848-3462